The Best Travel Guide For A First Getaway In London

To the excitement of preparing for a first stay in the British capital can be added the little fear of missing out on certain things in London tour; there is so much to see and do in London that discovering it in its entirety may take several days or even weeks or regular stays.

London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, is also a destination that makes many tourists dream, ranked one of the top five most visited cities in the world, and welcomes more than 12 million tourist seach year.

You will find here in this London travel article some tips, tricks, and tips to prepare your best getaway in London.

How To Get To London?

 When you think about London travel or perhaps traveling to London, you think plane, look at the offers of airlines, indeed from some cities, it can sometimes be more interesting to fly to London. Feel free to use flight comparators to find the most attractive prices.

Once you have found the best flight for your London tour and therefore identified your arrival airport, I advise you to read this article to it fullness to enjoy your London stay.

Once you have chosen the most suitable solution to get to London, book your London travel ticket early enough because the longer you wait, the more quickly the ticket prices become less attractive – to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to plan your London stay for several months in advance to benefit from the most interesting rates some agencies have to offer you.

Book Your Accommodation On Your London Tour

The city of London offers a wide range of accommodation to meet all budgets in your London tour, youth hostels, hotel apartments, private apartments for rent, bed and breakfast or hotels all categories.

Start by setting the budget you want to spend on your accommodation and then find the one that best suits your situation, once again,central reservations like Booking are a great way to have in one click a glimpse of the countless accommodation options available.

Opt for accommodation near a metro station in your London travel and, where possible, around Central London toll zones 1 to 2; so you will not be too far away from the main tourist attractions and it will also allow you to save a lot of time on the move & public transport.

Book Your Favorite Activities And Attractions

In front of the countless possibilities of distractions that the city of London offers, it’s really not easy to make a choice when it is about the first escapade in London.

Once you’ve decided on your favorite things to do in London,be sure to make reservations online well in advance – not only to save time,but also money; indeed the price of the tickets sold online is often granted with some discount compared to the price on the spot at the door of the attractions.

Another way to save money on attractions in London is to get a Tourist Pass – these can combine several different tourist attractions and offer them in a package with savings of up to 40% in some cases.

To optimize your time, it’s better to prepare a small schedule in advance – even if the goal is not to run from one activity to another it’s sometimes better to know in advance how you will organize your days so you don’t have too many floating moments to make the most of your stay in London tour.

For example Monday Morning: Camden Market – Afternoon: London Eye and Big Ben – Evening: Musical Mama Mia in West End.

You can also take inspiration from the planning of a weekend inexpensive in London to make yours and have it according to your preferences.

Means Of Transport In London City

To get around during your stay in London, opt for public transport – More affordable than taxis, the subway is the easiest way to get around London even though the Double Deck Bus is more enjoyable – get a map ofMetro and Bus and invest in an Oyster card or a Travel Card:

The OysterCard is a magnetic and rechargeable chip card,which costs £ 5 bail and activation fee on which you can put the amount you want on to be able to travel freely.

The TravelCard is available for a day or a week, you must also at the time of purchase, decide the charging zone and the period to which you wish to travel.

These transport cards allow you to use the entire London public transport network: the bus, the metro, the DRL, the London Over groundand some National Rail trains.

They can be purchased online, at London stations, airports, subway stations or tourist information centers.

It’s up to you to see which card would be the most advantageous and the most economical depending on your stay and planning in London travel.

Currency Exchange

Before you leave, you can exchange your banknotes in pounds sterling at your bank or in exchange offices, you can also opt for the solution to leave with the Travelex Cash Passport Prepaid Visa Card, a card that once charged with Estimated amount of your spending budget, it allows you to make purchases and withdraw cash in London Pound without additional fees or commissions throughout the distribution network displaying the MasterCard logo.

The holders of a Hello bank visa card, the online bank services of BNP may prefer to leave with their credit card, in fact, this visa card offers you the opportunity to make free withdrawals Pound Sterling Notes in all UK Barclay Bank Distributors.

You will also find exchange offices in London; cash machines where you could withdraw cash – it all depends on you and your London travel situation.


London is a city in constant evolution, there is always something to do and it’s almost impossible to go around on a weekend or a single visit – If this is your first London travel, you want to Consider a stay of at least four to five days to see some of the must-see attractions – but whether it’s your first or last stay, you’ll always be amazed at what the city has to offer. .

Top Tourist Centres in the World 2018

Top Tourist Centres in the World

The best destinations in the world ranking is based on the comments and opinions of the travellers who visited there shown on its website over the course of 12 months in a year, London loses the first position in favour of Bali, in a list that disappears Istanbul, Marrakech, Hanoi and the Indonesian town of Ubud.

The top tourist Centres of the world 2018 include the following:

Bali (Indonesia)

The best tourist destination according to travelers on the island of Bali, famous for its temples Indonesia has more than ten thousand, its beaches of white sand, its natural beauty and its amazing culture.

Kuta beach -one of the best on the islands, Lake Batur, its indescribable rice fields and volcanic area, or temples such as Besakih, TanahLot, Pura Ulun Danu or Uluwatu, on whose exterior we find the famous monkeys,they are attractive of the denominated Island of the Gods.

Bali (Indonesia)

London (United kingdon)

Having gone to the second place in this selective ranking does not detract from the charm of the British capital, which can boast of its many attractions: its extraordinary cultural and leisure offer, its long list of architectural wonders and its cosmopolitan character.

Although it may seem rhetorical, those who visit London cannot miss visiting Westminster, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Hyde Park, Trafalgar or Piccadilly or the London Eye, from where fascinating views of the city are appreciated. It is worth going to museums such as the British or the National Gallery, which, to the surprise of many tourists, are free, or to markets such as Camden or Covent Garden.

London (United kingdon)

Paris (France)

Paris is fixed in the list of best destinations. And it isthat the French capital, which this year advances a position concerning the top menu, catches the outsiders. The Eiffel Tower, which in 2019 will turn 130years since it was inaugurated, shines like never before on the sky of the city.

Next to it, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, the Louvre, or Montmartre have helped to spread the fame of the French capital, which has other attractions such as the big couture stores, the flea market from Montreuil, the Moulin Rouge, the rue Royale, or its gastronomy.

Paris (France)

Rome (Italy)

The eternal city has advanced one position over last year, and it occupies the fourth place of the Travelers’ Choice Destinations. The Eternal City should be visited without haste, padding through its streets, to savour its thousand and one corners and discover a wonder at every step.

The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and the Palatine, the Baths of Caracalla … allow us to go back in time, in a traditional exercise that becomes a real pleasure. It is also necessary to approach the most emblematic points of the Italian capital such as the Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese, the mythical Via Veneto or the Vatican and stop to savour its excellent cuisine.

Rome (Italy)

New York (United States)

The city of skyscrapers is traditionally one of the favored destinations for tourists from all over the world. And it is that New York falls in love at any time of the year, with an incomparable Manhattan, that does not leave indifferent to swim.

The Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller, as emblems of its magnificent buildings, the new World Trade Center; the Fifth Avenue; The Statue of Liberty or its incredible bridges are a certain value of a city that in 2017 has advanced four positions in the preferences of travelers.

New York (United States)

Crete (Greece)

The white of their houses and the blue of the sea and the sky of Crete fascinate travellers from all over the world who find in the largest island of Greece a haven of tranquillity. Diverse as few, has peaks that exceed two thousand meters in height and beautiful and remote beaches.

The area that brings together the highest concentration of inhabitants in the north, while the south is virtually virgin, so getting lost in one of its coves becomes a temptation that few can resist. To complete the attraction, we cannot forget to taste its local cuisine in one of its restaurants or taverns.

Crete (Greece)

Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona has risen four positions in the Travelers’ Choice Destinations, scoring for the first time in the world top ten, in addition to being recognized as the fifth European destination and first in Spain. No doubt many of the tourists who visit the city do so attract by its modernism, with Gaudi-author of the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell or La Pedrera-, Puig i Cadafalch orDomènech i Montaner, but the Ciudad Condal offers many more surprises.

The Gothic quarter, the Rambla, the Gràcia pass, the Picassoor Miró museums, its shops, its beaches, its gastronomy and its cosmopolitan atmosphere are other faces of the same city. Although the most advisable thing is to get carried away by its streets and discover the corners that do notappear in the tourist guides; stop at a terrace away from the center and feel like another Barcelonian, tasting the local specialties.

Barcelona (Spain)

Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Position number eight of the list – last year occupied the fifth corresponds to Seim Reap, the Cambodian city next to which is the unique archaeological park of Angkor. The site considered the eighth wonder of the world, houses the remains of several capitals of the Khmer Empire, which dominated much of Southeast Asia between the ninth and fifteenth centuries.Besides Angkor, it is highly recommended to visit the Seim Reap centre, buy at its night market or go to a floating village on the Tonle Sap lake.

Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Prague (Czech Republic)

The Czech capital has fallen three places compared to the previous ranking but remains among the ten destinations preferred by travellers. And it is that walking through the old town of Prague, visiting the castle or the Old Town Square, the City Hall or crossing the Charles Bridge is an experience worthy of a dream.

Beyond the city, it is worth going to Karlovy Vary, a majestic spa town ideal to enjoy a day of relaxing thermal waters.

Prague (Czech Republic)

Phuket (Thailand Phuket)

Blue lagoons, landscapes of great natural wealth and romantic sunsets are the great attractions of Phuket, which closes the top ten of the Travelers’ Choice Destinations of 2017. Those who pursue tranquillity should stay in the north, while those seeking famous beaches they should head south.

The island, undoubtedly the most touristic in Thailand, is ideal for water sports enthusiasts such as sailing or windsurfing or diving or snorkeling, which allow you to enjoy its rich seabed.

Phuket (ThailandPhuket)